One Final Adventure

Our last full day in Kauai was a little up in the air. Originally we had plans to go to do something like ziplining, but we didn’t have anything concrete… plus after our amazing ATV adventure we weren’t sure if there was any way to top it.

Instead, we listened to our favourite tour guide – Gypsy Guide. He said one of the things you must see while in Kauai was the Waimea Canyon. Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We decided to take a gander and compare it to our experience at the actual grand canyon. It certainly didn’t disappoint! The biggest difference was the amount of vegetation in the Waimea Canyon, unlike the Grand Canyon which is fairly desolate since it’s in the desert. The Waimea Canyon, in contrast, is near one of the wettest places on earth, Mount Waialeale.

On our way to the canyon, there was one other stop we had to make first. The Wailua Falls. Perhaps the most famous in Kauai. Mainly because they were used in the show Fantasy Island. Personally, I found it okay – there were a LOT of people with very limited vantage points and you couldn’t get too close (without risking your life).

We finished this last adventure back in the town of Waimea, famous for being the port that Captain Cook first made contact with the Hawaiian (Sandwich) Islands. Our timing was perfect and we were able to have one of the famous pulled pork hotdogs from the Porky’s food truck (it did NOT disappoint – three menu items, Meg had #1, I had #2 and they were both amazing!). 

It was certainly a great way to end an epic trip.


The Father

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