Lucky number 7

A little behind in the birthday post this year, but considering how 2020 is going – I think we get a pass ;).

With quarantines and social distancing in effect, we took the opportunity to head to the cottage to celebrate this year. We had amazing weather and were out in the bay each day on a new floating 4-seater Nate was obsessed with. On brand for a cottage birthday, Nate requested a s’mores pie instead of cake – while this pained me not to make a cake, it actually turned out pretty cool in the end.

I even made a mini-s’more tart for him to enjoy for breakfast – as per our birthday tradition. Each year I put together a collage of past birthday mornings to reflect on how much he’s grown and I was FLOORED on how much he’s changed since his 6th birthday. I know that seems silly, he changes every year, but this year was different – his little baby face disappeared and toddler body grew into a powerful solid kid. This year his poor little face was a bit swollen due to pollen allergies – but still, the difference is crazy!

The past few months have been unlike any other, and I can’t believe how resilient our little man has been. This home-learning/work-from-home situation definitely hasn’t been easy on him or us, but we’ve tried to make the best of it! Between covering our walls in stickies and sight words, finding new ‘challenges’ to make things exciting, lego, crafts, and a few new video games, we’ve been able to participate so much more in how Nate is continuing to grow and learn.

While I do hope we reach some level of normal again, it is fun to see how much like his dad Nate is becoming. I am regularly finding myself caught between their ‘dad’ jokes or goofy puns. And as per some of this answers and ‘pose’ this year, sometimes the jokes are a bit weird… but weird is good! Looking forward to seeing what 7 brings.


The Mother

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