Nothing can stop Nate

Nathan has been on the move and exploring his world for a few months now, but we have been able to block him off from certain things… until now. No mater what we do to block him from Guinness’ water bowl, or the modem with flashy lights Nate finds a way. He even tried to bust through the fabric gate at the bottom of the stairs. Luckily the noise of the ripping velcro gave him away.


We block his route to Guinness’ water bowl around the kitchen table with chairs. So naturally Nate finds a way and climbs through the table. It reminds me of that camp fire song. “can’t go around it, can’t go under it, I’ll have to go through it”.


Why go around the table, when you can go over it


No matter what we put in front of the modem that is attached to the side of the entertainment unit Nate finds a way to weasel his way in there.

He certainly keeps us on our toes and I don’t foresee him slowing down anytime soon.



The Father

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