Stairs? Sure, let’s check that off the list.

So tonight was unexpected.

Meghan sat on the stairs and our little crawling Nathan crawled to the stairs and stood up. This wasn’t surprising as he has been doing this for a week or so now.

Nate really wanted to get to his mother and kept grabbing and trying to get up to her. Of course Meg says “he doesn’t know to lift his legs up”… Why did she have to say those words? As soon as she did the leg came up and BAM, he was up on the first step. However, Nate has never been happy with one step. He kept going. By the end of it, he got up all 14 steps with only a little help.

Here’s proof!

It’s a good thing that Meg finished the fabric barrier for the bottom of the stairs!


P.S. Nate was never in danger of falling….


The Father

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