Six… or Sixteen?

It has been a busy summer, but Nate did in-fact turn 6 on July 3! And he had an amazing party that included a frog, lizards, turtles and even a crocodile (well more correctly, a Cayman) from Little Ray’s Reptiles. Did you know that there are 4 different species that make up the Crocodilia family? Nate did, and he could name all 4! Can you?

Another year had passed with so many changes and accomplishments. In my (somewhat) biased opinion, Nathan is one of the most sophisticated and inquisitive kids I know. His love and knowledge of animals never cease to amaze me. I am no longer surprised when I fact check something he says and prove that he was right all along.

During this past year, he has followed in the footsteps of both Mom and Dad and become a little fish in the water. Once he figured out how to dunk and hold his breath underwater he hasn’t stopped. He has continued to get better and better and trying new things in the water. He even performed a front flip with ease.

This past year he has also started to become quite a little skater. Having completed two separate sessions. I can’t wait to get him on the ice this fall. Maybe even start learning to play hockey.

It was quite a year and I know this coming year will be even more eventful.


The Father

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