Release 2.5.1

I’m a little late for 2.5, but we DID take the photo and measurements on January 3rd… I’ve been procrastinating, with ever-so-gentle reminders from Erik to put the image together.

Well, wait no more! I’ve finally finished. Not to walk you through my entire creative process, but I take the last month, duplicate it, and copy over with the new milestones, images, stats… It’s amazing the differences from only 6 months ago. The level of communication, the emotional range he can express, and how he can read situations is astounding. To think 6 months ago Nate didn’t even call me “Mommy”, now he uses my name in [broken] sentences – “Mommy go work?” “Wud you too, Mommy” “Mommy come play me?”. I love it – its like I can see the neurons firing. He has quite the sense of humour as well – as shown in his photo this time ’round…


Here are the other months as well for your enjoyment.


The Mother

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