Nate’s new wheels

For months Nate has been resistant to trying to ride his bike once I took off the training wheels, other than a 15-minute stint in March when the weather was nice. He would confidently state he was a better runner and would just run off to prove his speed. Meg and I kept thinking logic would prevail, but no. Then we attempted bribery, but no (what kid doesn’t want ice cream?!).

After a little more resistance, he begrudgingly agreed to give it another try. We started slow, leaving my hands and my back sore. But I was happy to see him begin to have fun and see the possibilities. We made a deal to give it another try the next night.

The second night he made some great progress, learning that speed was his friend. It was the third night when he really started to take off – I was able to let go for about 3 meters before he got a little too wobbly! On the fourth night, with a bit of inflated confidence, he almost took out Meg and her car. So on the fifth night, we headed over to the community center parking lot. It was here, that without the narrow sidewalk and regular obstacles, he could just go. With me running close by, he was able to ride like the wind. At one point exclaiming “I’ve never felt so free!”. Well Nate, you’re right. Riding a bike gives you the freedom and we are so proud that you did it.

Finally, on the sixth night (tonight) he couldn’t be stopped! Well, almost. He did have a few good spills but they didn’t deter him from the fun he seemed to be having. He got right back up and continued to bike.

The world is now his to explore!


The Father

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