Last day of Daycare

Thursday was Nate’s last day of daycare. For the better part of the last 3 years, Nate has spent most of his time with his friends at “little kid” school.

It only feels like yesterday that our driving conversations were completely one-sided, and I had to carry him in and leave him crying. Now as I drive him to school he’s the one talking my ear off and he walks in, takes off his shoes, gives me a kiss and sends me on my way. Who’s taking who to school now?

The people at daycare have been amazing with him. They have taught him so many new things, I always looked forward to him coming home from school and telling us about the new things he learned. Even how to “dab”.

There have already been a number of daycare memories that we have shared over time. But I think this helps bring this chapter of his life to a close with a collection of other memories from those 3 years.

We will always be thankful for the people at daycare that helped Nate grow into the little man that we see today.

*UPDATE* – The kids at daycare couldn’t let Nate go without a great little goodbye video. So Sweet!



The Father

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