So much communication

Over the past month or so Nate has been stepping up his communication game. It’s almost like you can have a whole conversation with him responding in his own way. However, there are certain things he definitely understands and can even respond.


  • All done – Now, he doesn’t do it exactly correct, but he uses it constantly. He uses his right hand and rotates it in the air. It’s kind of like he’s unscrewing a lightbulb.
  • Pointing – If he sees something he wants, he will let us know by pointing at it. Or if he hears an airplane, he will point to the sky.
  • Waving – He will wave goodbye and sometimes even hello.
  • More – Starting  to touch his fingers together to signal that he would like more.

Things he says

  • Mommy/Daddy
  • Whoa/Wow – If something surprises him or he sees something new or interesting, he will say a big “WHOOOOOA” or “WOOOOOOW”.
  • Yeah – You ask him a yes or no question and he will answer with a matter-of-factly “Yeah”.  Ok… ok. He always answers that way even if the answer should be no.
  • Shoes – When it’s time to go out we will ask him to get his shoes and he will grab them and bring them back (not always the right ones or a matching pair) but he says in a proud little voice “SHOOOOOOES”
  • Please/Cheeze – This is likely the cutest one, since he stretches his mouth real wide when he says it. We ask him to say please when he wants something and he gives us a big “Pleeeease”. Or if we want to take a photo he will say “Cheeeeze” and give us a great little smile. Something like this.


Things he understands

This is where the list really starts to grow. They must be working on so much at daycare, because he definitely understands a lot of what we say to him.

  • Hugs and kisses – He gives hugs any time we ask, and gives kisses when you least expect it sometimes. When he is in the mood he puckers right up and smacks one right on your lips. Sometimes if you are lucky (or unlucky) you even get an open mouth kiss!
  • Sit down – If we ask him to sit on his bum he will drop down to his bum or at least his knees
  • Upstairs/downstairs – When we head upstairs to the family room he will run to the stairs and start climbing up. Or if he is playing on the stairs he will climb back down when we asking him to come back down.
  • Gentle – He will lightly stroke your face.
  • Airplane – If we say there is an airplane, he will immediately look up to the sky (even inside) and point, and often tops it off a “WHOA”
  • NO! – With how many times we say this each day to Guinness and Nate, I would be concerned if he didn’t know what this means. He’ll even shake his head if he really doesn’t want to do something.
  • Brush your teeth – We hand him his tooth brush and he goes to town. Must get that from me!
  • Dance and spin – Nate loves to dance but he loves to spin even more. Especially when Guinness does it as well.
  • High five – He has always been a little bit of a hitter, but if you hold your hand out he will give you a nice firm high five!




The Father

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