Daycare begins!

We had our first “phase-in” visit to daycare yesterday and when we picked the time and date, Nate had only been taking an hour long nap in the morning. NOT YESTERDAY! Little man wanted to sleep all morning apparently! So about 15 minutes before we were suppose to be there, I woke the monster and he was not a happy camper… greeeeaaat. Got him sunscreen’d and in the car – luckily daycare is only 8 minutes away (yes, specifically 8 minutes).

We arrived and all the other kids were out playing in the side yard having a grand time. Nate wanted down right away, reaching for one of the toy cars. I think from that moment on the only time he looked at me was when he was looking for my fingers to hold while he walked around. The little kids were a bit weary of us – the bigger kids rushed over asking what his name was, how old, etc etc. When I said he was almost one year old, one of the boys said “Does that mean he’s zero now?” Ah, kids are adorable.

Had lots of fun playing in the sandbox, trying to eat stones and sticks and squawking every once and a while at the other kids. The hour FLEW by needless to say and Nate seemed to love every minute. Almost didn’t seem long enough – he started interacting with the other kids about 15 minutes before we had to leave. We had a fun little sit down under the tree, then all the boys, including Nate, circled around the trunk and peeked through the fence to look at the ‘bluuuuuuue’ tarp in the neighbours yard. Then it was time to go…

Another two visits with mommy, then a four hour visit without me!


The Mother

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