Day at the zoo

Thanks to Auntie Mel and Uncle John we got to spend the day at the Toronto Zoo for free!

Panda family

The over-under for how many times Nate asked “What’s that” was pretty high and it only took a few minutes after entering that we got our first of many.

Watching "Gerry" the Giraffe

From one location to the next. Whether it was bird, monkey or large cat. From one location to the next he was so excited by what he was seeing. Often he even gave us the sound that the animal makes, but most of the time that sounds was “Rawr”.

Even though he loved looking at the animals from afar, his favourite part by far was all the animal statues around the park. He liked them so much he started kissing them!


Komodo dragon

It was a great day and I can see a visit to African Lion Safari in our near future.



The Father

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