1 year done… already!

If you only went by the number of posts you would think that Nate just started school yesterday. But it actually feels that way.

Now, I know I am forgetting a few of the 12 days that he missed due to being sick. Let’s hope he does better at that next year.

The changes we have seen in him are almost countless. He made so many friends and even invited a few over for a birthday party. His writing and math skills are amazing. He says to me “Dad, what’s 3+2?… EASY, 5!” with such enthusiasm. He especially surprised me with his problem-solving skills last week when we didn’t have a bubble blower.

The number of things Nate and his class got to experience with field trips to the pumpkin patch, tree farm and African Lion Safari has helped expand his world and learning.

As the year progressed he continued to show more interest in the art activities. We even had a little art show last week to show us all the great work he has made over the year.

We certainly can’t thank his teachers enough for all they have done for Nate and the rest of his class.


The Father

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