finally 5!

We have been celebrating Nate turning five for a whole month! Now that he’s in school, we learned that summer birthdays are celebrated on the same day, but in June – meaning Nate has been telling us he’s 5 since June 3rd. Add to that, we held his birthday party a weekend early to avoid clobbering long weekend plans.

But today, Nate finally turns 5!

This year was monumental – he shifted from dinosaurs to pokemon (which was particularly hard for me – I mean what am I supposed to do with all this dinosaur knowledge!?), learning to write, dancing up a storm, sounding out words, and seeing his personality really develop.

He’s our goofball with strong opinions, a beautiful heart and an inquisitive brain. Nate’s most recent out-of-left-field question: “Do you evaporate to heaven, or take a plane to heaven?”


Here are the other months as well for your enjoyment.


The Mother

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