Poop on the potty

Today Nate was with his Grandma and Grandpa and we got a text that he had pooped in the toilet. Meg and I were both shocked since he hasn’t shown must interest in the past – but, we’ll take it!

There were a few other milestones that he has past in the last few weeks as well. He can now open and close the door… we aren’t safe in the bathroom anymore!

We have officially entered the “Why?” stage. No matter the question or the statement, Nathan’s response is “why?”. After we explain… “why?”. And finally it’s “because I said so”.

He is really starting to string “words” together. Some of his favourites are “Woof poop”, “bad woof (or mom/dad)” . He is also picking up new words every day, in the past couple days he has started saying “Baby”, “Boy”, “Toad” and now properly saying “Please”. We probably need to start being very careful what we say around him now.



The Father

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