A life lesson for the books!

Listen to your parents, or you'll fall in the ditch!

Nate learned a very valuable lesson this weekend – always listen to your parents!

We were at Erik’s grandparents’ house, and I took Nate down to the creek in their backyard to see if the ducks were around. On the way down, Erik called to stick to the edges of the yard, as the middle is quite soggy, with a small wet ditch running through. On the way back up, Nate refused to hold my hand, and did not want to walk with me. I called multiple times to come to Mommy, and with a smirk, kept walking forwards toward the centre of the yard.

Next thing he knew, he is elbow deep in that small wet ditch. He clamoured out pretty quickly with a look that seemed to accuse me of pushing him in. He was alright, but those who know Nate, know how much he hates dirty hands, needless to say – he doesn’t like algae or mud much either.

It was a beautiful and harmless occurrence of natural consequences that we’ve already begun referring to fondly in our taunts, “If you don’t list to Mommy/Daddy, you’ll fall in the creek!”

He’s still his independent little self, so I don’t think it was too traumatic, but I definitely had a good laugh over it.


The Mother

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