Halloween Hands

Although this was technically Nate’s second Halloween, last year he was only a few months old. This year was a completely different story! Around Halloween last year Meg picked up a costume for this year. That’s right, after a full year, Nate was finally able to wear it. It had a hood and if you’ve ever tried putting a hat on Nate’s head, you know how well that went, but with (plenty of) chocolate he was distracted long enough to forget about it.


Before he could come home and hand out candies to all the other kids, he went for a quick visit to do some targeted trick-or-treating (Grandma’s and Grandma & Grandpa’s). He had so much fun strutting around in his monster outfit, and eating Smarties and other chocolates. There’s nothing wrong with a 16 month old eating chocolate is there?…

Once we got home Nate loved going to the door to see the kids and say “bye bye” to them when they left. Then he would grab the door and close it.

He was also pretty busy at day care the past couples days making a few crafts with his hands. It’s always great to see the things that he comes home with.


Can’t wait for next year when he will be able to go out and trick-or-treat.


The Father

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