Pink Eye(s)

When it rains, it pours! For the past week (1 month for me) Meg and I have been dealing with a cold or two. We weren’t sure if we originally got it from Nate but he started to cough a little on the weekend. After missing work due to my cold on Friday and Meg starting her new job at Sunlife on Monday I figured I would be at home again with Nate. What I didn’t see coming is him coming down with a case of pink eye… In the morning his right eye was slightly swollen and crusty. During the day while we waited for his Dr appointment his left eye started to get bad as well.

I have to give Nate credit, he has been in great spirits. I mean he even smiled for a photo! Unless you saw his eyes you wouldn’t even know he was a sick kid. Nothing gets him down. Of course his spirit quickly went away when it came time for eye drops. I knew that it wasn’t going to fun for any of us. I’m sure if you ask my eye Dr about how I take eye drops and he would probably say I do the exact same as Nate. Well maybe with less tears and screaming, but it’s like Nate and I both have magnets in our eye lids.


Definitely hoping the eye drops work their magic quickly so we can get him back to his regular schedule.


The Father

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