This is our life

We were blessed with a boy, and now this is our life! Boundless energy, general curiousness, and a daredevil.

The other day the following video shows what seemed to go on for at least 5 minutes. Running around in circles, not to mention the fact that he is like the tasmanian devil through our cupboards and drawers. He takes something out, we put it back while he takes something else out.

Uncle John and Auntie Mel gave him a baseball glove for his birthday and he’s finally showing some interest, even though he might not know how to use it correctly. He at least knows that the ball goes in it, but more for throwing than catching.

When Nate gets something new to play with it doesn’t take him long to figure it out. However, this one he played with complete reckless abandon!

And… then there is this. Whether it’s his dino, his chair or simply the coffee table. He wants to climb onto and then stand on everything.

Evel Knievel!

He definitely keeps us on our toes… may have even caused a couple grey hairs 😉


The Father

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