First few steps!

Weeks ago our little monster decided to take his first steps for Erik, then refused to take any for me. Finally yesterday he took a few steps toward Guinness, and back again to the couch. I was thrilled! Not only did he finally walk for me, but he did it twice!! I tried most of the afternoon to catch him on video, but as he normally does when the camera makes its’ ‘bloop’ noise, he stopped doing whatever he was previously doing.

But today, oh today – he did it so many times! I managed to distract him with a JLo video (he loves JLo and Katy Perry videos) to conceal the ‘bloop’ from my phone and he took some steps! Check it out below…


and just in case you didn’t believe me, he really does like JLo – check out the little man’s moves!


The Mother

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