The “Sick Kid”

Over the past couple weeks Nathan has been that “sick kid”. Last week he came home from daycare with a fever and although not confirmed could have been Fifth Disease (aka Slapped cheek syndrome). His fever broke over the weekend and it seemed he was back on the mend.

However by Wednesday a new fever started but quickly broke, but it quickly started again Thursday night and has continued through to Saturday.

Since the cold season started Nate has been going from one thing to the next. There was Roseola, and pink eye and a couple different coughs and colds. A rough count would suggest he has missed almost 10 days of day care in the past 4 months. Lucky for both of us we have a great support system who can take him on short notice and an understanding work place.

Fortunately for us Nate usually stays his happy self most of the time. On occasion he gets a little whiney and wants constant attention, but we do that as well.

I suppose all we can hope for is this better prepares him for school, where he will be known as the “healthy kid”.


The Father

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