Meg picked up Nate Thursday afternoon from daycare and he was running a fever. We were expecting that at some point he would come home sick, so I guess it wasn’t a complete surprise.

He seemed to sleep alright Thursday night, but his fever had not come down by Friday morning, so I worked from home Friday. However, when he is sick, Nate tends to be a little bit needy…

Nate’s appetite also took a little dive, so trying to get any solid food or liquid was a big fight. He is not one of those kids that you can force feed. When he doesn’t want to eat, he won’t.

Friday night his temperature started to rise, but we kept up with the infant Tylenol to help him a bit. We got him to bed, but we could hear him moving around and making noises every few minutes. Around 11pm before we went to bed we checked on him and he was a sweaty mess and his temperature had soared to about 40c. One of the on-going challenges we have is when Nate gets a runny nose, he hates it when we try to suck it out. So after some screaming a lot of tears, we got him stripped down and back to bed, this time in his play-pen in our room. It gave us a little relief having him in our room, but because he was so uncomfortable he didn’t sleep well and neither did we…

Saturday morning was much the same as Friday, his was still running a fever so we gave TeleHealth Ontario a quick call to see if it was something we should take a bit more seriously. Their diagnoses – a run of the mill fever. We just had to let it run its course, but if it lasted longer than 3 days it would be time to see a doctor.

By Saturday afternoon and a nice long nap, his fever had finally broke and our little happy boy was back! His appetite still wasn’t fully back, but at least he was smiling and laughing again. You don’t really realize how much you look forward to those little moments until they are don’t happen.

After a pretty good day Sunday we thought he would be going back to daycare Monday and we would be back to our “normal” routine. However, on Monday morning he woke up with a rash all over his chest and back. GREAAAATTT…. now what? Chicken Pox? The Internet is an awful thing when you are trying to figure out what could be wrong with you or your baby.

After another quick and helpful call to TeleHealth we had our answer. Roseloa! WHAT? As it turns out the rash is the end of it. The fever and runny nose was the actual virus at work. Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa were able to take him for a few days, since he can’t go back to daycare until the rash is gone.

Lucky for Nate it seems like you can only get this once.

Boy I can’t wait until the winter when the bugs really start coming home…


The Father

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