1 year, 1 month… and 1 day

Okay, okay… we missed this post by one day. However, Meg and I are not really sure how these month-to-month posts are going to continue. Our goal was for the first year and we think those turned out great.

Regardless of how they continue, Nate continues to grow and learn everyday. Once he sees something once or twice he picks it up. Whether it’s putting a ball into the hole at the top of his toy (where it is supposed to go), or using the salad spinner he is very quick to pick up new things.

Today Nate donned his lion backpack leash for the first time on our walk to the park. He didn’t seem to mind it too much and was able to walk most of the way to the park on his own. Once there he made it, he had fun on the swings and the slides again.


For dinner tonight he made great work of a couple left over ribs. He just loved them!


As an added bonus, last weekend we had a little family BBQ and Nate had some fun in the sprinkler for the first time. I think he needed a waterproof diaper…



The Father

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