First week of day care

Nate has completed his first week of day care and he apparently loved it. Each of the care takers said that he was full of smiles and each day he came home with an empty lunch bag. A few days, milk came home – but that was expected if you’ve ever tried to feed Nate milk…

After the honeymoon period (ie. day three) he didn’t sleep too well Wednesday and Thursday, and developed a little hitting problem, that we are all trying to work on. It’s somewhat infuriating when he just walks up to you, whacks you in the face and laughs… no good. However, we’ve already come leaps and bounds by saying ‘gentle’ and he strokes your face with the back of his hand. It’s actually quite cute.

We may not have been able to see him play, but we can certainly see the evidence on his knees. I won’t be surprise his knees stay permanently scratched up for the foreseeable future. He is always on the move and when he falls (which is it’s often) he bounces back up and continues playing like nothing happened.


Nate has done great with the transition so far and seems to be in the routine. Now if only Meg and I can get locked in!


The Father

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