Christmas Concert

Ok maybe concert might not be the right word… let’s maybe call it a chance for parents to see their kids run around while one or two older kids actually sing.

Every year our daycare provider holds a little party before the Christmas Holidays where the parents come to see the kids “perform”. In previous years there have been older kids but this was not only one of the smallest groups ever, but also one of the youngest. It’s basically mayhem, but what else would you expect when there are 5 young boys and 1 girl…

They even got a nice visit from Santa him self. This will have been Nate’s third visit from Santa this year, what a lucky boy! Although he didn’t sit with him he did give him more high fives.


It was a lot of fun seeing the kids interact and play since we typically only see them on drop off and pickup and some days drop off is just a bunch of crying.

Nate has been thriving since starting daycare almost 6 months ago (boy time flies), and we can’t wait to see what new things he learns over the next 6 months.


The Father

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