Christmas 2014

Another year and Nathan is yet again a very luck boy! Whether it was new toys, clothes or education money we are very thankful for such great family that care for him so much.

Nate had lots of fun with his grandparents on Christmas Eve where he enjoyed some delicious ham and mashed potatoes. But dinner was just the appetizer… he finally got to open his gifts and he sure got his fill. It even included a two-seater wagon which will be great for toting around all of his “stuff”. It’s hard to believe how much stuff a little person needs.

Christmas Cracker Hat
Christmas Dinner

On Christmas day he woke up to a little surprise under the tree from Santa. His very own Dyson vacuum so he can clean just like Mommy and Daddy! He really has been a little Mr. Clean for a while now with the broom and the Swiffer, so we figured it was time for a bigger machine.

Later on Christmas day we went for dinner at Grandma’s, where we couldn’t believe how much turkey they kid wanted to eat. We couldn’t put it on his plate fast enough.

Mr. Clean
Happy in his wagon

Another great Christmas for sure. Next year should be even more fun as he may start to understand the magic of Christmas more. Maybe even get a good photo with Santa… Not holding my breath though.

Nate with his presents


The Father

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