“Locked” out

Nate likes to close the door behind him in any room he enters. He has even turned the little lock on the knobs himself, but we have been in the room with him. However, tonight he went into the bathroom and closed the door but then opened the drawer… instant door stop!

IMG_20141208_200449While we started to troubleshoot how to get this open, Nate was quite as a mouse. He was likely laughing on the inside, as he kept lightly pushing the door closed as we tried to jam our fingers in the tiny opening, trying to shimmy the drawer closed.

Luckily Meg had some practice with this, as a few weeks ago I left a drawer open in the master and she was unable to get out of the shower…

Just when we thought we had it, and some last minute pleas of “buddy, can you close the drawer please”, our little man decided he was done and closed the drawer!

I only wish I had a video instead of a picture, especially to have caught his devilish-smiling face when we finally opened the door – it was absolutely priceless.


The Father

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