Happy Birthday to me!

What a great birthday weekend! I wanted to thank everyone for making it so special. I hope all my birthday’s are as great as this one. It even started a week early when I got to go see my Uncle Logan, Aunt Shannon and my two favourite cousins Ella and Reagan!

It began with my usual monthly photo, but it didn’t stop there. We went outside and my parents put a big cake in front of me. So what’s a kid to do? SMASH! But, I didn’t really like it much, I hate when my hands get sticky and dirty.

DSC_5729.jpg      DSC_5743.jpg

Later that afternoon Mommy and Daddy gave me my birthday present!! A sweet (huge) bean bag chair for me to watch my shows in.



Then on Friday, Auntie Mel and Uncle John came over and brought me a cool Blue Jays bat and t-shirt (plus a lot of other clothes!)! Now Uncle John can teach me how to throw and hit the ball like he does! He even took some time to read me a story!




DSC_5809.jpg     DSC_5831.jpg

Saturday I spent the day with Mommy and Daddy and then in the evening we had a little BBQ. I got to meet my Aunt Linda, and cousins Lisa and Shelby. It sure was fun playing with Lisa’s two daughters, Ella and Abby, since they were more my size! They even brought me a table to play with all my new MegaBlocks!

Then my Grandma, and Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit (don’t worry it doesn’t confuse me!). Auntie Mel came back too! They brought me some awesome new outfits and some more fun toys. One of my (and Grandpa’s) favourites is my new lawn mower, so I can help Daddy take care of the lawn! As you can see it needs a lot of help…

DSC_5880.jpg   DSC_5838.jpg

After a little dinner it was time for more cake, well cupcakes that were more my size. Again, I didn’t really like getting my hands dirty…

DSC_6007.jpg   DSC_5995.jpg

And today Daddy’s family came over for coffee time. Everyone wanted to see how much I’ve grown, but all I wanted to do was go and play with my new golf set! Now the three of us can work on our golf game together in the backyard. I got some more new outfits, books and toys today too… My mommy keeps saying how spoiled I am, but I don’t know any other way to be!

DSC_6103.jpg   DSC_6152.jpg


After all that fun, and all those visitors, it was time for me and Guinness to hang out. He is my favourite!

DSC_6168.jpg   DSC_6191.jpg




The Son

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