6 weeks!

So this Wednesday marked 6 weeks for our dear boy and all seemed calm. I didn’t know what everyone was talking about when they warned about the 6 week fussiness… until today! Usually Nate’s a bit fussy until he has a good #2 – but this morning it happened at 6am – I thought today was going to be golden! He was awake most of the morning, and then apparently wonderful for Grandma and Grandpa W. About half way home from Grandma and Grandpa W’s I had to pull into a parking lot since Nate decided to hit a pitch that would make Mariah Carey jealous and calm the poor fellow down. Since then it seems to be a pattern of 10 minute nap, eat and cry. I briefly saw a smile after a diaper change, but it was most definitely short lived. Let hope this fussiness doesn’t last until week 7!!!


The Mother

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