Popping bubbles and climbing into the crib

Nate’s personality is really developing and he definitely has a great sense of humour and adventure.

We got a package in the mail the other day and it came with some packing bubbles. Meg starting popping them and Nate jumped in and found it hilarious. He liked it so much he asked for more at the end. If only we had a whole roll of this stuff.


For the past few weeks Nate has wanted to play in his crib before bed. Instead of waiting for us to put him in, he’s found a way in himself. Even when he bails into it, he thinks it is so funny.


To try and soften the unpleasant thud in the middle of the night that is sure to come, we’ve surrounded his bed with pillows. Hopefully it’ll take him a while to reverse the process…


The Father

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