Bear family complete


A while back my mom found a secluded little shop near Wiarton where an artist carves cedar logs into different animals using only a chainsaw. She brought back one bear for herself where Mel and I quickly called “dibs”. Luckily, no dibs were required, as this past Christmas we received our very own bear. We brought her home, and after looking for a home,  Erik suggested we put her in the nook at the top of the stairs next to our family decal. I loved the idea, and when we put her up I wanted more. Next to the decal, we needed to completely represent the family.

I contacted the artist, Bobbi Switzer, to commission two more, one large (Daddy) and one small (baby). Last weekend they were completed, we just had to get to Wiarton to pick them up.

This weekend, Nate went for a sleepover and we headed for the two-hour trip to Wiarton. The weather looked pretty good at home and in Wiarton… too bad we didn’t check for the weather in between. There were definitely a few dicey spots where the blowing snow from the fields caused near white out conditions, but we made it. Only to find a closed sign on the door of the store…

Luckily we could hear the sound of a chainsaw, so we tracked down the sound and said “Hi” only to scare the bejezus out of the man in the shed. Their snow blower had died, so decided not to open the shop today – thanks goodness they were home!

We picked up our baby and Daddy bear and headed back home to join the Mommy bear. Can’t wait to show Nate when he gets home tomorrow. He had previously said ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to the Mommy bear, so I’m sure the family will warrant a few extra “What’s that” or giggles.


The Mother

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