My First Christmas

Merry Christmas!! It’s been awhile but I was finally able to sit still long enough to tell you about my very first Christmas. Boy, what a day! Where to start…


Getting my ‘blog’ on!

Christmas eve started out special since my Daddy worked from home, and around lunch he came upstairs and yelled “It’s the holidays!”. The Christmas tree and the rest of the lights in and on the house were on ready to start the celebrations… I guess so Santa would know where to go (a big sign that says “don’t forget about our house” might have been overkill). It was around 3pm and my parents started putting me into this “special” outfit. I get it, but this can never happen again (see for yourself, let me know what you think in the comments. Please be kind.)



So we headed out for Grandma and Grandpa Weinerts, it was freezing out! But I stayed nice and toasty in my bear outfit. After the car ride – which of course I slept through (I love car rides), we arrived and was quickly extracted from my seat and into the arms of my Auntie Mel. Everyone was asking how I was doing, but each time I tried to answer my silly parents interrupted me… We talked and talked, and talked some more… gosh when are we getting to the presents?? Then I thought I had my chance…. my first presents were coming!!! No… wait, Grandma and Grandpa were getting something and so were Auntie Mel and Mommy… WHAT ABOUT NATE!! HELLO!!! Did you forget about this little man over here??? I get dressed up in this ridiculous outfit and I still don’t get the first present. OK… DSC_3040.jpgSorry I got a little heated. So after those presents I thought “here is my time”… nope, it was time to eat. Which, by the way, I now eat from a spoon!! After I ate, all the grown-ups decided they were hungry too and ate their turkey supper (looked and smelt a lot better than the rice I’ve been eating)… when was it time for presents?? So while my parents were eating and I started jumping and I started to fall asleep. “Must stay awake…” but I’m no match for my heavy eyes. I thought “Maybe I’ll go for a quick nap and then my parents will wake me when it’s time for presents…”

Or so I thought. The next thing I know, I’m awake and heading home. WAIT ONE SECOND!!! Am I getting any presents? I was just too tired to really care at this point…

So, like most nights, I slept through most of it – I got up about 6am so I could have a little feeding session with my Daddy. I was still pretty tired so I went back to sleep and since it was Christmas, I thought I would give my parents a great gift and slept until 9am!  Once Daddy was up, we all headed downstairs and lone behold, PRESENTS! After a quick breakfast we finally got to the moment I was waiting for, I got to open my first gift. Actually my Daddy did, but next year is going to be all me (can’t wait!). There we so many great gifts from my cousins, Aunt Shannon and Uncle Logan, Grandpa Brown and Nana Kat, and of course all the gifts from the night before from Grandma and Grandpa Weinert, and Auntie Mel and Uncle John. After it was all done, I couldn’t believe it was all for me!! And it wasn’t even done yet.


My parents say I’m spoiled. Not sure what they mean?!

Before I knew it, my Grandma Frye came to see us. She came bearing lots of great gifts as well. I saw a very large box and I hoped it was for me. It just wasn’t meant to be though… I guess my Mommy and Daddy were very good because that big box was for them. But I got a couple pretty sweet outfits and some money for school!

I was really proud of the gift that I gave to my Grandma. Of course my Mommy helped me put it together, but it was mostly my idea. I found a photo of my Daddy when he was little and I was able to replicate it (better, if I don’t say so myself). Grandma really like it!! I’m a pretty excellent gift giver.


Nailed it!

Back into my bear suit for another little car ride. Boy, it’s a good thing I love car rides! We arrived at my Great Grandparents and was quickly swept up by my Great Grandpa. He always says that he is going to keep me. Actually I think my Great Aunt was planning on taking me home as well. Not sure why… I’m a lot of work! During dinner I laid quietly on my mat and waited for everyone to finish eating another good smelling supper. After dinner I visited a bit more and showed everyone how strong I am and how much I love to laugh and smile.

We called it a night pretty early and got home just in time for bed… well my parents thought it was bed time, I didn’t so. They kept trying to put me down but I decided to throw the biggest fit ever. Finally I had enough and went to sleep, ending my very first Christmas. It was an excellent couple of days and I want to thank everyone who made it so special!


The Son

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