My (Nathan Davis’) Journey

Hi everyone! I don’t know what all the fuss is about, but I am finally here! These two good looking people keep fussing over me, and calling me Nathan Davis. I’m not really sure what it means but it sounds good to me. At times they call me Nate… this whole thing is so confusing.

So here I am!

Nathan Davis

Here is how things went down from my perspective, the times are kind of approximated as my sense of time isn’t so good yet.

July 2

10:30pm – I made my Mom’s water break, but her contractions didn’t start.

11:45pm – I overheard Mom call the hospital and they said to come in to get a quick check up. We expected to be sent home.

July 3

12:15am – We arrived at the hospital, and they decided to keep us since they have a bed for her now

12:30am – I started to feel these odd compressions around me… maybe it’s a coincidence but Mommy started to breathe heavier at the same times.

8:30am – Those contractions got a little too intense for Mommy so she got the BIG needle in her back. After that she stopped the heavy breathing and actually was able to sleep a little, just like me.

10:45am – the contractions seemed to have slowed down… needed to keep making more progress, so it was time for some oxytocin.

2:00pm – the oxytocin was working, Mommy didn’t really know because of the other drugs. I felt some pointy things touch the top of my head and they said something about 3 centi….meters. I hope they weren’t talking about the size of my head, I am much bigger than that!

4:00pm – I feel more pokes at my head, but still they say 3cm. I wanted to join the conversation but I just couldn’t get through.

4:10pm – I overheard people talking about my Mommy and all the things they know about her. They mentioned C-section. Not sure what that means but it seems like I am not long from saying hello!

4:45pm – the lights were much brighter in the room we were moved to. The people sounded like they were getting closer and closer to me.

4:53pm – I was free! Everything was so different. I made this loud screeching noise, and then I heard my Mom and Dad doing the same! What was that liquid coming from our eyes??

5:00pm – I went with my Dad through some winding hallways into a box that lifted us to the next floor. What a trip! We waited there for my Mommy who was still recovering from the surgery.

5:15pm – These nice ladies in very colouful clothes weighed me and I came in at 7lbs 7oz. No measurement yet, I think they thought I was going to grow more overnight or something.

7lbs 7oz

5:20pm – After all that I finally got some alone time with my Daddy! I just couldn’t take my eyes off him and he couldn’t stop looking at me too! We are quite the pair, Mommy is so lucky!

7:30pm – Daddy rolled me out to finally go meet my Mommy! We got to the room where we thought she was supposed to be and she wasn’t there… Daddy called out “Meghan”, not quite sure why though. He called a couple more times but no answer. So we rolled back and the colorfully dressed people said she had moved. Alright, now it’s time to meet her!

7:35pm – There she was. Her smile was so wide! She must have been as anxious to see me as I was to see her. She was so beautiful, Daddy did good! Considering how good my parents look, I must be freaking adorable! I am the luckiest kid around.

Me and Mommy!

If you can’t get enough pictures of me, there can be more found in my gallery!

My Dad keeps whispering in my ear to say a couple thank you’s… I guess he is already teaching me how to be a proper gentleman.

We would all like to thank the great doctors and nurses at Cambridge Memorial Hospital for their excellent care. They made our families dreams come true!



The Son

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