When I turn 4 my voice will get deeper

N: [toot]
D: Did you just toot?
N: No, it was a honk
D: Where did the honk come from?
N: My toot

Counting “Higher”

N: 1..2..3…4…5… [counting on his fingers]
M: Can you count higher?
N: [lifts his arms above his head]
N: 1…2…3…4…5…

Getting a deep voice really early

M: You know what’s coming soon?
N: What?
M: May, June, July!! You’re birthday!
E: Three months left of being 3!
N: Awww
E: You don’t want to be 4?
N: When I turn 4, my voice will get deeper…
M&E: What?!
N: My voice will get deeper like daddy’s voice

Google knows

N: What’s small, has spikes, and is poisonous?
M: A puffer fish
N: No, it has 4 legs
M: I give up, can you tell me?
N: Ask Google

On May 5

N: Look at that red tree!
E: Where?


E: [outside cutting the grass in the backyard]
N: [to Meg] He missed a spot
M: Don’t tell me, tell Daddy.
N: [opens the sliding door]  HEY DADDY! You missed a spot!
N: [closes the sliding door] Ah, they grow up so fast!

Who’s more adorable

M&E: [hugging in the kitchen while Nate finishes his dinner]
N: Aww, you’re adorable
M&E: [laughing]
N: Kiss!
M&E: [kiss]
N: Aww, I love you
M: Aww, we love you too buddy!
E: [gives Meg a pat on the bum]
N: HEY! No spanking!


M&N: [driving home]
M: You’re quiet, what are you doing?
N: Looking at the view
M: How’s the view?
N: Beautiful… just like you mommy
M: [swoon]


The Father