Family vacation 2016

Last week we took off for our first full family vacation since Nate was born. We were lucky enough to find a great little cottage in Bayfield, just steps from the lake.

Frye vacation 2016

The four of us spent a whole week away from the comforts of home with Mel, John and Wrigley, and it was fantastic. Nate and Guinness both had so much fun swimming in the lake almost every day.

Family golf outing

We found some time to take Nate to the golf course for the first time. Much to our surprise, we all had a lot of fun! He didn’t hit many balls but he sure loved to ride in the power cart, grab the flag stick for us and race back to the cart when we finished a hole.

I used Instagram Stories to capture the entire round. Here it is:

Alright… be patient

The phrase of the vacation from Nate was, “Alright… be patient”. Not really sure where it came from but it was certainly cute, at least the first few times…

Family picture 2016

We figured since the everyone was well rested from a great vacation thus far, and our family photographers where with us, we would try to get out yearly photo done a little earlier this year. After a photo different positions I think we got a good one for 2016.

Family Photo 2016

We can’t wait until we can do this all over again! Let’s finish with some more memories from the trip.


Throwing rocks

Strike 3!
Guinness enjoying the beach




Ice cream!


The Father

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