Dragon hair

Nate is full of fun conversations that leave Meg and I laughing out loud.

Nate wanted some milk before bed time, but he really wanted chocolate milk.

E: here’s your milk
N: thank you
N takes a sip
N: hmm… this regular milk?
E: no, chocolate milk
N takes another sip
N: no this is regular milk… yuk. Me want chocolate milk


Nate was bugging Meg at dinner time

M: you’re annoying
N: me annoying? …. no I’m not


At dinner Nate wanted to tell Meg what he thought about her hair.

N: Mom, your hair is beautiful
M: Thank you
N: Beautiful like a dragon

The next day at daycare

N: Mom, your hair not beautiful like a dragon.
N: Beautiful, like a zebra.



The Father

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