Happy 2nd Birthday

It’s hard to believe we’ve celebrated Nate’s 2nd birthday already, but I can’t wait to celebrate more and see how he grows over the years.

Because I’m up for the “father of the year” and I won’t be home for Nate’s real birthday on July 3, we decided to celebrate on Canada day. What kid doesn’t like fireworks on their birthday (even if they are sleeping)?

There are a collection of things that Nate really loves at the moment, so we tried to bring them all together in one day.

1. Cars

Nate loves cars in all shapes and sizes, and what kid doesn’t like Tonka trucks? So for his birthday Meg and I got him a big Tonka dump truck. He loved it… CHECK!


2. Golf?

I’m not sure if this is one of his favourite things but he sure does get a kick out of hitting the little ball around.


3. Horses (Neigh, neigh)

We covered this before how Nate loves horses. So Meg found an horse cake on Pinterest (where else) and was able to replicate it. We just had to take ol’ neigh neigh into the other room to cut him up… Nate would not have liked to see that happen to his beloved friend “Cookie neigh neigh”.

He wasn’t quite able to blow out the candle this year. Although he has been practicing a lot by blowing bubbles – his blows weren’t quite strong enough to extinguish the flame.


4. Family

Above all else, Nate got to spend time with his family: grandparents, aunts and uncles and all his cousins. He was surrounded by those who love him and it meant a lot to us.

For those who might be eagerly awaiting Nate’s month to month 2 year photo, it will come but a little late when I get back from Michigan. UPDATEIt’s here!


The Father