I love my brother

Guinness and Nate

Hey Nate, they told us to wait on the carpet…

Finally, it’s my turn to share my side of the story! WOOF!!

So I had my Mom and Dad all to myself for five years… nobody asked me if I wanted a brother or sister. Then one day mom started to look a little, let’s say, chubby. Then I get sent off to doggy daycare, and when I got home there was this little person that Mom and Dad kept calling my ‘new brother’.


Not impressed!

For the first couple months he wasn’t fun at all. He just laid there and Mom and Dad kept telling me to be “gentle” or “back up”. But it didn’t seem like Nathan was going anywhere, so I figured I should give him a chance.

Now he’s crawling around and a lot of fun to play with – although he likes to sneak up on me from behind and grab my tail.

Nathan also loves to pet me. When I walk by him, he tries to grab me and when he does, he often has a good laugh.


Sorry, where was I… I get distracted easily… Oh right, Nate loves to grab on to me, even my wet nose. Perhaps that’s partly my fault because I’m always sticking my nose right in his face.

Mom and Dad keep trying to put him on my back. Do I look like a horse? I don’t have a saddle, so unless they want Nathan to get bucked off, they need to stop that.

Nate is also very interested in my toys. They smell pretty bad, but he keeps coming after them. Every once and a while I try to share, but then again, I’m not allow to take his toys so he shouldn’t be allow to take mine…

Play time 2

See, he sneaks up on me!

Play time!

Not fair! You don’t get my toy AND your toy.

Overall, he’s small, smelly, loud and kind of a bully, but he’s my brother and I love him!


The hairy brother

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