Nate’s interest in dinosaurs started long ago but recently he has taken it to a whole new level. From the books he reads, the shows he watches and the characters he pretends to be, it’s dino’s all the time.

His favourite movie is the 1988 classic The Land Before Time. He has seen that movie so many times that I’m sure he will be replaying it word for word even when it’s not on. He knows all the main characters name’s and what kind of dinosaur they are. For those un-familiar, Littlefoot the apatosaurus (aka Longneck), Cera the triceratops (Three-horn), Spike the stegosaurus (aka spiketail), Petrie the pteranodon or pterodactyl (aka flyer), Ducky the Saurolophus (aka swimmer) (Okay, Nate can’t say Saurolophus), and finally Sharptooth (aka. T-rex). It’s actually quite amazing to hear him say the names of the dinosaurs with pretty good clarity.

When he is not watching this movie, he is watching some other show with a tie to dinosaurs over and over. Lucky for us there are a number of shows with dinosaurs on Netflix. And when he’s not doing that he is stomping around the house pretending to be a “Nate-osaurus”.

His favourite clothes all have dinosaurs of different kinds on this, some even just their bones. His favourite book is a dinosaur book that phonetically pronounces the names of dinosaurs so Meg and I [pretend we] know how to say them.

It will certainly be interesting to see if this is just a phase or if his interest in them will continue through much of his childhood.


The Father