Potty training progress

We didn’t expect Nate to be potty trained over night, but his sudden interest had us very optimistic. However, it’s definitely been baby steps up until the last week or so.

He kept showing interest at daycare so they actually started getting him using the potty more and more. Most days we would hear of a pee or two on the potty, but until the past few days he didn’t do it too much at home.

He’s done it a couple of times now after dinner, but tonight was another success. We were playing downstairs after dinner and he stopped and said “potty”. At first I wasn’t sure what he was saying, but they he said “poop”. No mistaking that, so I sprung into action. Quickly up the stairs into the bathroom, pants and diaper off and sit him on the toilet with his little kid seat.

Sure enough, two good size poops! Plus he isn’t showing any signs of being anal retentive. He actually gets excited to see his “poop balls” (his own words), and likes to flush them down when he is done.



The Father

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