30? No way….


So it finally happened… I ran out of birthdays in my 20s and turned 30… ugh.

I don’t groan because I’m getting older, but rather because my 20s are done. Some of the biggest and best things in my life happened in my 20s.

In my 20s I graduated from university, got my first real job at BlackBerry, moved out and purchased my first home with Meghan, married my best friend, got a dog, purchased 2 cars, built our second home, traveled to Europe, welcomed Nathan into our family, and most recently left BlackBerry for D2L.

Some people didn’t want high school or university to end, but I didn’t want my 20s to end. I don’t think I peak in my 20s but it sure was a lot of fun!

As much as I enjoyed my 20s I know that my 30s will have just as much excitement, and likely more. However, it’s scary to think that by the end of it Nate will almost be 12 years old! I’m sure this next decade will be the fastest one yet.

40 here I come!


The Father

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