This little french frye is fully cooked!

As we reach 37 weeks, and this baby is fully cooked (just adding on some chub in the final weeks), I can’t help but realize how real this all is! Our little french Frye could come any day!

Turns out my OB likes to do an ultrasound around 36 weeks to make sure baby has moved into position and get an idea of size. So last Friday I headed into mom’s office for another ultrasound and took a look at the “little” guy. Well turns out, as of last Friday our french Frye is already about 7lbs!! No worries, he’s no monster baby, he’s only slightly above average, being in the 65th percentile. He’s also being quite the cooperative fella and has moved into position – head down and ready to go. Talking with the OB today at my weekly appointment, she doesn’t think he’ll get much bigger than high 7’s, 8lbs at most. Lets hope! I was almost 8lbs and Erik was 7.5lbs, so we’ve got a shot!

We’ll start taking pictures weekly now since he could arrive anytime – but here’s a look at our 37 week baby bump with our brand new camera!

37 weeks


The Mother

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