It’s a boy!

Baby Frye UltrasoundBaby Frye Ultrasound

We got our first look at our little French Frye at the True North in Cambridge today. After a very thorough ultrasound, they brought Erik in for our first peek. First she showed us the head and face, little arms and legs. Then the money shot – saw a little bum and oh, what is that little protrusion? All I could squeak out was “is that a little penis?!?!”. Reliving the story later this evening, Erik and I both realized she actuallydidn’t answer… but yeah – it’s a boy!! Erik always said he would be happy either way – but I was ecstatic to learn we are having a boy (I’m sure I would’ve been fine with a girl too, but now I know my baby won’t be wearing pink! Hurray!).

First meeting with the OB tomorrow morning! See if we’re on track for the June 29th due date. More stories and pictures to come! 🙂


The Mother

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